Mission & Vision


Our vision is to double the farmer’s income to at least Rs 60,000 per acre per year over the next 3-5 years, through Democratisation of Agri-inputs, and bringing Stability and Predictability in a farmer’s income


We aim to impact lives of at least 1,000,000 farmers in over the next 2 years, and create at least 500 “Agripreneurs” fuelling localised and sustainable commerce within their respective communities

Our Values

  • Growing Healthy

    We know that food grown on healthy land with good agricultural practices is a healthy and nutritious food. We act as stewards of the massive farming land of India, caring for its health to support yours.

  • Family Tradition

    With having 2 generations dedicated to the service to the nation since the Green Revolution, “serving the nation” is not a mere slogan for Agrishi family, but our way of life.

  • Innovation for Sustainability

    Depleting soil quality and falling water tables are the most critical issues being faced not just by a farmer in a village, but also the city’s uber crowd. We believe that using precision farming, we help a farmer in providing tools that make him use the agri-input chemicals only when and where required, and in quantity that is required. This helps in producing food with minimal chemical residues, making one of the biggest worries of the “urban mom”, the safety and health of the food she is giving to her children.

Board of Directors

Sandeep Chhikara
Co-Founder, CEO
Deepak Jain
Co-Founder, CTO
Vikas Antil
Co-Founder, COO
Sriranjan Seshadri
Non-Executive Director

Leadership Team



Sandeep brings in more than 20 years of international experience in Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Strategy, Retail and Technology, having worked at industry leaders like PAI Partners or Carrefour

He has been named among 35 Digital Innovators in India by the IAMAI

He is a graduate of prestigious Delhi University and SupdeCo Paris (ESCP)



Vikas, an Electronics engineer, brings more than 12 years of experience in field operations within power sector, managing multi-location teams providing commissioning, installation of maintenance of multiple sensors and applications.

Vikas also has more than 2 years of first hand farming experience in Haryana



More than 20 years of experience in technology from designing to implementation of solutions that are being used by companies like Nokia, Vodafone, Aricent (Altran) across globe

An entrepreneur who started his own IT Services venture in 2014 where he has built a team of around 25 engineers, designers and testers servicing large and mid-sized clients across US, UK, Europe and India

Deepak is an engineer (B. Tech) from MDU, and has a MBA from Amity University



With nearly 20 years in the Financial Services industry, Poonam brings in both the skills required for, and an experience in (scaled couple of ICICI Bank branches to 5x within 1 year) starting and scaling up of operations, ie:

  • Leadership, P&L Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marketing Operations, and
  • Risk and Compliance Management

Poonam is the Delhi University topper in History from Venky, and is an alumni of Fore School of Management

Our Solution: A Village Commerce Venture

Our Technology

Farmer’s App brings host of products and services, to the Farmer at his fingertip and convenience of home. The Recommendation Engine also helps him to better plan his procurement, both in quantity and availability of agri-inputs like fertilizers, pesticides etc Complementing Recommendaiton Engine is our ability to conduct on-field soil tests and generate real time soil analysis, providing a more accurate information on the agri-inputs required by the farmer, and the quantity required Agri-Input Providers may use Agrishi’s omnichannel distribution model, to complement its existing commercial channels, as most of Agrishi network is rural and working directly with farmers At Agrishi, we believe that a farmer should not be burdened with unrequired capex in the form of agri-equipments like rotavators, levellers etc, which are used only for around 15-20 days per season. Hence, at Agrishi, we also bring to our farmer to book and rent farm equipments as and when he needs it.

Partner with Us

Join our growing network of outlets

If you have at least 1,500 sqft area with at least 500sqft of open space, and wish to do more, and transform your existing to become a one-stop-shop for all farmers’ needs, be it for agri-inputs, livestock care, equipment rentals or even financial services, then Agrishi is best placed to help you achieve your objectives. Agrishi will provide its technology, back-end support, training, and efficiencies to its retail partners, which includes

Relevant Merchandise Mix

Financial Service

Data Driven Advisory Services

Value Added Services

Services Offered To Farmers

  • Soil Testing and Real Time Reports

  • Farmers’ Meets and Advisory Services

  • EV Charging Hubs

  • Rental Services: Tractors, Implements, Drones, Sprayers, Autonomous Bots

  • Financial Services, including Branchless Banking

Reach out to us for any franchise inquiry at

Institutional Partners

If you are an institution that works with rural India, either sourcing from them or selling to them, then we can partner with you to take your products and services to farmers through our network and technology We will also be very happy to partner with large financial institutions to provide basic financial services like branchless banking, insurance, agri-commodity financing, MSME lending etc If you are an infrastructure business like solar energy, charging stations, Evs etc , we will be your ideal partners to take your services to the rural India

Reach out to us for exploring vendor and/or institutional partnership at


Having launched our operations recently, our current network is primarily in Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

This network will soon grow to more than 500 stores across India, over the next few years, partly due to a roll-out agreement we have signed with Lokalee

We are currently servicing about 360 villages amounting to nearly 288,000 hectares in gross cropped area

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